Little realisations with profound significance

by 201monthsblog

I’ve had a few small realisations, recently. They may mean nothing to you, but I’m putting them here because they may mean a lot.

The moon doesn’t move – we do

A few days ago, when I was outside at night, I realised that the moon and stars do not move across the sky. (Equally, the sun does not rise in the east and set in the west.) We are on a ball of rock, water and mud, rotating in space.

Well, that’s obvious. Everyone knows that.

Yes, but do they really know that? Do they realise it, deeply? Have a look at this video. I saw it a few months ago and it is remarkable.

We are a living PhD

Yesterday, I saw a Tweet from someone who just got their PhD. They held up a thesis with a suitably obscure title.

I didn’t go that far in education, but the impression I have is that you have to choose a topic for your thesis that no one has ever chosen before. You study it in depth and write your findings.

You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

It struck me that that is exactly what we are doing with our lives. We have, according to my research, chosen to live on this beautiful ball of rock, mud and water to work on specific things. A significant added difficulty, on this planet, is that we agree to forget our reasons for coming here as soon as we arrive. (With a few exceptions.)

The answer to life, the universe and everything

It does not matter what we do when we’re here. Every thought and action is recorded for further study – by ourselves and others. There is no judgement. (Yes, I can provide references.) We are writing, ever day, the PhD of us. A study no one has ever done before. Only we can do. And its importance cannot be fully understood by the human mind.

You can see the significance. It’s huge. To me, anyway.

That feels like enough for today. This is, after all, a work in progress…