Meditation month: Day 27

by 201monthsblog

Nothing dramatic to report from today’s meditation. I enjoyed the continued deep feeling of calm that I’ve felt since Tuesday afternoon. Now that the Biden/Harris election has been confirmed, I am riding the wave of relief sweeping across the world. There is hope in it. There is love and possibility.

I felt I can return to my work in music. I also felt that I am ready to meet the love of my life. (I will put this here as a placemarker. To see how long it takes between making this decision and actually meeting them.)

I also realised that these are only thoughts and if we limit ourselves to thoughts, we limit the potential of our experience. So I let those thoughts go, too.

Freedom is freedom from everything. From tyrants—and the tyranny of thinking.

Blessings to you and all the best for a more optimistic future.

[PS I will wrap up the month of meditation tomorrow, because from Tuesday I am attending a 21-day online course in opening to communication with angels. Anything noteworthy will appear in this blog.]