Meditation month: Day 26

by 201monthsblog

I should say that this feeling of deep relaxation I have had for the last few days has not gone away. If this is a result of daily meditation, I recommend that everyone in the world does it right now. It’s like I can feel every cell in my body and there is a deep, pervading peace.

Which brings me on to today’s meditation.

After acknowledging the peace I feel, I noticed by mind trying to draw my attention into all manner of narratives. But today I wasn’t interested in that.

I’ve read several times that it is impossible to stop the thoughts, but I played around with this. I tried asking for an hour of silence. I tried closing a door on the thoughts. And then I remembered something that happened last year (I may have mentioned this before), where I was meditating with someone I was in love with. My mind was trying to make sense of the situation and part of me said there is no sense to be made—don’t try and explain it—just go with it. And I did.

So I tried that today. Nothing can be explained, so don’t try.

And in this way, I could (however briefly) go ‘beyond’ the mind. Into the peace beyond the barrier of thought.

It’s great out there.

But this blog is not about out there. And so I had to bring my attention back to the within.

This, historically, is the realm of the mind/ego. It is embedded. Suffused.

(Oh, I didn’t mention, another tactic I tried early in the meditation is to accept the mind. To welcome it as well as ask it to keep quiet for a while.)

“As above, so below” is something we’ve all seen somewhere and so I tried to discover (aha—I’ve just seen the answer…) how we can touch the peace that’s out there by going within. The answer I’ve just seen is that we have to stop trying. There is no explanation. There just is.

(You can see why writing about this kind of stuff is tricky. If you take that last sentence alone, it makes no sense. You have to read everything up to there to know what it means, even if the total answer is contained in it.)