Meditation month: Day 25

by 201monthsblog

In my current meditations, I’m sorting through habits and patterns. It’s not sitting and focussing on the breath, but it feels useful so I’m going with it.

Today, I looked at fear, illness and death. I decided that fear is something that comes from the mind, rather than a real thing. It is a response to a possible event. When someone is afraid, we tell them not to be. Why? Because we can see there is no thing to be afraid of.

Worry and fear appear to be located in the head. Moving the attention towards the heart or below the navel, I could not find them.

Illness, especially in these days of Covid-19, is something we could choose to fear. Or cancer. What would happen if they arrived?

When people are genuinely ill, there is an acceptance that doesn’t involve fear. The fear may move to a fear of death, so I looked at that.

One day, through illness, accident or old age, death will happen. It is a certainty. I have watched enough Near Death Experience testimonials to know that consciousness survives death. It is more a case of consciousness without a body is our natural state and having a body is our unusual state. I don’t feel we appreciate how difficult it is for consciousness to incarnate, squeezed into this meat vehicle with its aches and pains and belief that it is special. (It is special, but not in the way we normally think.)

And if you know that death is not a thing to be afraid of, what is the point of worrying about illness or accidents either?

It makes sense of that saying, “The only thing to fear is fear itself”.