Meditation month: Day 24

by 201monthsblog

Yesterday late afternoon, I started feeling more relaxed than I have felt for a long time. I realised this was tied to the increasing probability that the most tortuous presidency of modern times is coming to an end.

This feeling has stayed with me ever since, and I took it into today’s meditation.

I decided to enjoy it. I also tried to see where it came from. The closest parallel is like the feeling when you come out of a dysfunctional relationship. And I realised that I had been in a form of relationship with that presidency. An attachment.

I remember the shock of the election result four years ago. And, even though I have never listened to a speech and do not follow this person on Twitter, I am one of billions of people negatively affected by it. I have, I suppose, resisted it. Been alarmed and scared by it. Had to watch while that presidency wreaked havoc in the US and across the world.

I have also watched, while people who claim to be spiritually aware in some way have supported what I have seen is a horror show.

My rationalisation for this period of time is that we have needed to see the worst forms of behaviour of which humans are capable. Yes, we saw plenty in the 20th Century. But this has shown us that we have plenty more sickness to bring to the surface, where it can be healed.

As a planet, we have been tormented by a dangerous narcissist. That has been my experience. And it is coming to a close.

Even though we have extraordinarily challenging times ahead of us, which I will not put into words here, it feels wonderful to have a brief holiday from it.

The relief, as I explored during the meditation, feels like love. And long may it last.