Meditation month: Day 23

by 201monthsblog

Today, I decided to work with a suggestion from Mooji, on a video I watched yesterday.

The suggestion is to stay with the expression “I am”.

And see where it goes…

For me, today, it went towards unconsciousness. I had some moments of feeling well grounded, but plenty of feeling like I was falling asleep.

This has happened several times during this month. I haven’t seen a pattern yet. I am sleeping well at night. I can’t explain it right now.

I’ll add something that occurred to me a while ago, regarding “I am”.

We use the expression often, when we talk to other people, to describe a state of mind or a feeling. And what occurred to me was that it is a contraction. The full expression is, more accurately, “I am pretending to be” or “I am playing at being” and then whatever. Happy, sad, brave, scared…

As I type this, “I am playing at being” feels closest. As in, I am playing as being someone writing a blog post.

I’m not sure if this is useful for you, but it amuses me greatly. I am playing at being amused by it…