Meditation month: Day 22

by 201monthsblog

Today was different.

The meditation started well, with a feeling of being grounded and present. Then a noise from my fridge provoked a response from my body which could be interpreted as shock or fear.

Instead of ignoring this, I decided to try and find out where that fear came from.

This took me on a journey through a few moments in my childhood, touching on abandonment and a peculiar habit I have of placing myself in totally unknown environments where I know no one.

I decided, after a while, that my ego, or personality, has been fearful for a long time. Possibly even as a result of a previous life. But I was clear that my soul has no fear, because it is working in a much broader context. The personality will come to an end at the end of this life (yes, I do see the contradiction with the second sentence of this paragraph), so it is reasonable that it experiences fear.

Over the coming days and weeks (referring again to the US election happening right now), I will try and remember this—and go beyond any fear that comes up.

It was interesting to use a meditation as therapy in this way. And it feels like something that could be helpful.

Have a great day!