Meditation month: Day 20

by 201monthsblog

Before the meditation, I read a comment on Rupert Spira’s Instagram account about “Matter, mind and awareness” being three names of one reality. And I was going to meditate on this.

But as soon as I sat down, I remembered a video I saw from Mooji, where he mentions dropping into “being” at the start of a meditation. So I did that instead.

I spent almost the whole meditation focussed on being, and it was very pleasant and peaceful.

After a while, I became aware that my body is surrounded by something we don’t have a good name for. My awareness? My consciousness? My being? My spirit? It doesn’t really matter what it’s called.

It felt like my body is at the centre of this energy and my personal history is stored in it. I’ve wondered, occasionally, where our memories are stored and, today, I had the impression that it is stored in the space around us. Or even the space in the space around us, if that makes sense. That it is stored in the space within cells. It’s just that we don’t have the instruments to measure it yet.

This meditation was influenced by something I read, recently, that said something along the lines of: Our body doesn’t have a soul; our soul has a body.

When looking for an image for this post, it seemed obvious that our individuated awareness is spherical. So much of this universe’s manifestations are spherical. And the central point of this sphere would be the heart and not the head, according to this nascent theory.

Interesting. I wonder if I will return to this idea at some point.

Have a great November. And a great day.