Meditation month: Day 17

by 201monthsblog

I sat in the same orientation as before.

One thing that has been notable for a while is that these meditations are very peaceful. If you would like more peace in your life, it’s a free and easy way to make that happen.

Recently, I have seen the word “acceptance” quite a lot. So this became the theme for today’s meditation.

I accepted how I was sitting and where. I accepted the thoughts that came into my mind and how this shows me the way my mind currently works. Interestingly, accepting my thoughts had a calming effect on them. And I wondered if thinking increases when we resist it.

Acceptance later grew into unconditional love and I meditated on this for a while.

It is easier, in my experience, to give unconditional love than to accept it. But many writings point out that loving yourself before attempting to love others is recommended. So I played with the idea of loving myself unconditionally. I had some sensation around the heart area, but it is too early to say if this was my first awareness of my heart chakra or not. I will see.

A very pleasant meditation, then. Acceptance and unconditional love. More tomorrow.