Meditation month: Day 15

by 201monthsblog

Today, I sat on a chair facing west with the palms face down on my legs. Towards the end of the meditation, I turned my left palm face up for a while. This felt out of balance and I turned the other palm over too.

Most of this meditation was spent contemplating “allowing”, which came up a few days ago. Although similar to “surrender” and “acceptance” (both excellent and useful words), allowing seems to be more active. I allow. I give permission to.

The first thing I allowed was the world to be as it is. The sounds, temperature, even the cat scratching at the door. For a while, I also allowed what was going on inside me. The most obvious thing was my thinking.

Interestingly, when I allowed my thinking to be as it is, it stopped being so dominant. My mind challenged it to think something – to add something worthwhile. Which meant I noticed that my thinking had become a challenger to thought, instead of the thought itself. Very clever.

Which is also allowed.

Have a great day, wherever you are.