Meditation month: Day 12

by 201monthsblog


Today, I sat on a chair facing east, with the palms towards the ceiling.

The 5th chakra is associated with communication, and I’d like to communicate a significant insight I had yesterday evening, in the kitchen. I have had several profound insights in the kitchen, as I make my evening tea.

Yesterday’s insight is this: The moment we are in will never be repeated.

It is as unique as a snowflake. Even if, as Matt Kahn suggested in a talk, we return to live this life again and again. And even if, as multiverse theory suggests, there are infinite parallel universes springing from choices we didn’t make. This moment is monumentally special.

I’ll be living with this insight for a while. It is close to another insight I had a few years ago—that every moment, since the dawn of the universe, has been leading up to the moment we are in.

It is a reminder of exactly how incredible it is to be alive. What a privilege it is, no matter what is happening around us.

Here is the video I found for today’s meditation. I am still a piano being tuned…