Meditation month: Day 11

by 201monthsblog


Today, I sat on a chair facing west, with the palms facing downwards for the first half of the meditation, then facing upwards.

As I suspected yesterday, the video series I was following has not been completed yet. So I found a new video. This was very intense in terms of the number of sounds used and, towards the end of the meditation I was falling asleep.

The sounds made it hard to think and I can’t remember much from the meditation at all.

Yesterday, I read something from Thich Nhat Hahn where he talked about meditating like a pebble in a stream. Just sitting there. And I tried this for a while, which provoked thoughts of consciousness in rocks and water—in all things. But, as I said, most of what I would normally remember was washed away by the intensity of the sounds.

Here is the video I used: