Meditation month: Day 9

by 201monthsblog


Today I sat on the same chair, facing the same way, with the palms towards the ceiling. And it was the turn of my 2nd chakra to have some attention, with the help of this video:

Again, I tried to focus on the 2nd chakra and, again, I was not successful. I occasionally tried to picture orange – the colour of this chakra – and this was not obviously successful either.

I decided I could not “do” whatever it is this exercise is doing, because, I do not know what I am doing. I do know that it is useful, but its use is currently beyond the understanding of my mind.

I had a similar situation, last year, where my mind was trying to understand or explain a situation I was in, but the situation was clearly beyond understanding. So I had to let go of the desire to understand. Does that make sense?

During this meditation, I also had the idea of an out-of-tune piano being tuned. Does the piano know what is going on, when the tuner is at work? No – it can only allow the piano tuner to do their job. Is the piano ready to play when the first two notes have been tuned? Not at all.

So all I could do was sit there and allow the tuning of my chakras to take place. How this is being done, I have no idea. That something is being done, I am sure.

Then I watched the interplay between doing – or the desire to do – and allowing.

Two words I have found beyond value in my spiritual journey so far are “surrender” and “acceptance”. “Allowing” seems to fit very nicely alongside those words, and could prove a useful reference point in the “future”.

Love and light to you!