Meditation month: Day 5

by 201monthsblog

More attention

I could say quite a lot today. I will try and keep it short.

Instead of facing my desk, I turned the chair west, where I have a candle, incense, singing bowl (not pictured – that’s a library shot) and some items given to me by two of my last lovers. An advantage, here, is that this places me in front of the radiator, which will prove useful as the winter progresses. I lit the candle and incense, and filled a bowl with water, which is something I have done before. I sat with my hands on my thighs, palms facing towards the ceiling.

The reason for the palms facing upwards is so they can act as a form of antenna. In the introduction of The Law of One (see this post), great care was made in the position of the channel, including the hair. I’m not attempting to channel anyone/thing at this stage, but it does demonstrate that every part of our body is important.

What I noticed in the hands, constantly, is a strong tingling sensation. This is familiar to me, because I used to use a technique proposed by Eckhart Tolle called “Can you feel your hands?” (short video here). This tingling is also called prana, chi, and other things in different parts of the world.

The benefit of focusing on the hands is that is moves your attention out of your head, where it normally follows your thoughts, and into your body. As Eckhart points out, the attention can’t be in two places at the same time, so this reduces your thinking significantly. Sometimes to nothing.

As my attention moved between my hands and my head, I started to consider what it is. Is it consciousness? It is awareness? I realised this is our source of power and how we direct it is the most important choice we can make.

Normally, my attention is held by my thinking. (I have a highly developed ability to think, because of my personality type and the work I used to do.) This is, in many ways, a waste of my power. So, this morning, I played with directing that attention to different parts of the body – one knee and then the other, my heart region, my hands. It was a very powerful exercise. And I had the sense that practising in this way would be valuable in ways beyond the imagination.

You know how, when you start playing a new game on a device, you start badly and improve quite rapidly – depending on how much attention you give the game? Logically, it will be the same with this practice of meditation.

More tomorrow.