Meditation month: Day 4

by 201monthsblog


Today, I sat in the same place, on the same chair, right hand cupped by the left hand, with thumbtips touching.

My mind was far from still and I don’t have any insight to report. I fell into daydreaming almost constantly and, if I had been on the sofa, I’m certain I would have fallen asleep.

Physically, my body was very relaxed, so these mental processes did not create stress. I did not feel frustrated and did not let each of the dreams last very long.

I could try and “combat” this apparent challenge, by sitting in a different place or in a different way, but that doesn’t make sense because that is just doing stuff ‘out there’ which will not obviously change what’s going on ‘in here’.

So I accept that this is what the meditation was today, and will return to sitting tomorrow…

With love.