Meditation month: Day 3

by 201monthsblog

Balance – this makes more sense now

A chair is definitely more useful than a sofa. For me.

Today, I sat with my hands on my legs, palms toward the ceiling.

Very quickly, the notion of neutrality came to me and stayed with me for most of the meditation. I realised that any event is just an event and our thoughts about it determine whether we find it positive or negative.

Both of these polarities have a physical reaction in the body, whether it is stress or bliss. But comfort rests in staying neutral to the event. I rested in neutrality for most of the meditation and then remembered something a monk at Plum Village said when I was there… And I let the notion of neutrality go, too. Because that is also a position, I suppose.

After watching “Inner worlds, outer worlds” and “Samadhi” a few years ago, I did the first guided meditation for a few weeks. This frequently mentions the excellent (oops – that’s not very neutral) word “equanimity”. A very useful point to return to, as we continue this journey.