Meditation month: Day 2

by 201monthsblog

Fading to black

Maybe the sofa is not ideal. Maybe it’s too comfortable.

The meditation started well. Sitting in the same place on the sofa. This time, fingers interlocking and thumbtips touching.

At first, I tried not to let thoughts about how I would write this post distract me.

Then I realised how to be an actor: Just say the lines as if they’ve only just occurred to you, instead of repeating them to show you’ve successfully learnt them.

After noticing my techniques of becoming aware of the breath and paying attention to my 6th chakra, I realised that these were creating objects within awareness; and that awareness includes both of these at the same time, plus everything else. This created a pleasant sensation of connection.

The next things I remember were catching my head nodding backwards a couple of times, then the alarm went off.

I probably slept through at over half of the meditation.

My first reaction was to call it a failure and try again this evening. But, instead, I will call it a learning experience and reconsider my use of a sofa…

Have a wonderful day, brother/sister/other. I’ll be back tomorrow.