A month of meditation. Day 1

by 201monthsblog

This is not my sofa. But it would do.

Although my life has plenty of room for contemplation, and I do notice and enjoy the present moment often throughout the day, I do not have a fixed, daily meditation practice.

So, yesterday, I resolved to meditate every day for one hour, for a month. Today was the first of those days.

My intention is to record, here, anything notable. I’m aware this may become harder, as the month goes by, as I connect more fully with the formless and the wordless. But that is the future. This is now.

This morning, I sat on the sofa, with eyes closed and one hand cupped by the other, thumbtips touching.

I had an itch on the nose, which I allowed myself to scratch. This is not to be a brutal practice.

I nearly fell asleep a few times.

I had a couple of thoughts that seemed insightful. One of which is that our bodies are held together by gravity in the same way that dust bunnies gather under the sofa. Otherwise our atoms would just float apart. I don’t know if this is true and it doesn’t matter. It’s just a thought and we can let them go.

Another thought was that thoughts, having form, create separation (or duality). Although they only exist because everything exists in [what I call] the field of awareness. So there is no separation. Again, not something to get attached to, but briefly interesting.

My way back to the meditation is to notice that I am breathing, and then relax on the outbreath. This is ceaselessly enjoyable. I also have an activated 6th chakra, which feels like a warm, throbbing/buzzing/tingling sensation in the lower centre of my forehead. I sometimes put my attention on this, because I half remember this is a good/useful thing to do.

The motivation for this month is to see if I can actually turn my attention within, which is what this blog is now about. It’s an individual journey for all of us. We must take it “alone” and without a map. But it might be helpful to know there are other people doing this work.

The time we are in is, I’m told, incredibly significant. It makes sense to be here for it…