What is (the) Truth?

by 201monthsblog


One of the things I have been consistent about, during the last few decades, is that I am looking for the Truth (aka The Truth or The TRUTH).

Today, I am asking: What is the Truth?

If you look closely the question, the answers seem to dissolve. There is my Truth – a collection of things I think, understand or believe to be true – but that is subject to change. Even one of those things can’t be Truth – objective and findable.

For it to be findable, The Truth must be constant. But the only constant is that everything is subject to change, as the universe (and each of us in it) evolves. So the Truth cannot be found.

And yet, somehow, Truth is knowable. We know when something is true. We feel it with our whole being. Or we sense it in a way that cannot be put into words.

When we talk about Truth, we often touch the area of our heart. Other people take this as a sign of certainty that can’t be argued. I hadn’t noticed that connection before. Interesting.

Boiling it all down for the sake of this blog post, I get this: Truth is.

What I have been searching for all these years, as with the present moment before it, has been staring me in the face the whole time. Bringing those things together, we can say, “The Truth is Now”.

One of the famous Buddhist expressions that comes back to me often is: Everything is perfect, exactly as it is.

Ain’t that the truth?