How to die

by 201monthsblog

Before I start, I’ve just got to say that Book 4 in the Conversations with God series I mentioned yesterday is very exciting. Perfectly timed. Inspirational. And the reason I’m posting again so soon.

On reading the book (I’m less than halfway through at the moment), I realise that many of the theories I’ve had about various things, from a desire to tell the truth at all times, to the nature of inter-dimensional beings, have merit. And so, I am prompted to be more open here.

This post is about physical “death”. I’ll go into ego death some other time. But because many of us may either die in the next few months and years, or may know people who die, I thought I’d start here.


No one really dies.

I’ve said this before. Deep down, you know this. You can resist it if you like, or just take my word for it for now. If you need supporting evidence, have a look at some of these books, or watch the videos on this YouTube channel. Or both.

Dying in dreams

Have you heard that story that you never die in dreams? I’ve died in dreams (at least) three times, so I call myth on that one.

In the first of those dreams, I was shot in the stomach by someone with a shotgun. I remember a feeling of spreading warmth and no pain, which was a relief.

The second and third were car crashes. In both of those – one falling from a great height and the other travelling backwards at high speed in woodland – I had enough time to remind myself to…


That’s it. When you know there’s no escaping the situation, just relax as fully as you can. This will help you have a smooth transition to what comes next.

I understand, from the reading and watching I have done on the subject, that dying is one of the most wonderful experiences we have. It is an unavoidable part of our progress through these dimensions and we do not need to fear it in any way.

People who have died and come back have absolutely no fear of death. They know being here is a choice and they know that they will be going home when the time is right.

Very Important Point

I have always strongly felt that suicide is to be avoided. One reason for this is that we must overcome whatever issues we have chosen to face. Those who commit suicide will need to come back and face those difficulties again in order to get beyond them. There are no short cuts.

As Matt Kahn said somewhere, you can’t leave school before the end of the 4th Grade and expect to come back in the 5th Grade. You have to resit the whole year.

My feeling is that people who do commit suicide are relatively new to living in the physical dimensions, and it can feel like it’s too much. There is no judgement for those people. There is no punishment. But there would be a sense of, “Well, that wasn’t the best idea you ever had, was it?” Followed by a, “Back you go”.

So my advice remains – no matter what happens – don’t do it. Stay and learn whatever it is you have chosen to learn. You will not regret it.

[If you are really struggling and/or seriously contemplating taking your life, please call a crisis support phone line and talk to a counsellor. They will listen to you without judgement, give you immediate support, and put you in touch with other resources to help you through this difficult time. You are not alone, even if it feels like it sometimes.]

Relaxation meditation

Meditation is not an easy practice to develop or maintain. (At least, for me.) I have yet to establish an unshakable daily practice, although I am at the stage where I can catch myself thinking, then let it all go. My most recent reading, as mentioned here, states again and again that meditation is essential, so I’ll give you a nice easy one to try.

  • Close your eyes and breathe.
  • With every out-breath, feel your body relax.
  • Continue for as long as you like.

There is no end to the depth of relaxation you can achieve. You get to notice where you are holding tension in the body and simply breathe it out. It’s ideal for those bizarre times you wake in the night and find it hard to get back to sleep. Or whenever you feel tense. Even approaching death.

I’ve noticed that I am only tense when my attention has moved up into my mind and is following my thoughts. Moving the attention back into the body – into the feelings of the body relaxing – is an immediate way of releasing that tension.

I hope this helps.