Channelled insights from “God”, “Ra” and “Jesus”

by 201monthsblog

Channelling “God”

A few weeks ago, I re-read the third book in the Conversations with God series. I had only read it once before, about 20 years ago, and it didn’t sit well with me at the time. I have obviously changed, because now I find Book 3 excellent. I strongly recommend reading it, or re-reading, it when you can.

Towards the end of the book, “God” herself recommends reading the books often, because they contain all the answers we need (or words to that effect). And who am I to disagree with God?

[When I found that link, I saw there’s a fourth book, written in 2016. I’ve just bought it and will read and write a post on it soon.]

Channelling “Ra”

My newly rediscovered warmth towards the CwG series prompted me to join a study group on social media. Here, someone mentioned a channelled book called The Law of One, which was new to me. They sent me this link to a YouTube playlist and, after watching the first few videos, I bought and read Book One.

It is interesting on many levels. The entity “Ra” explains a few thoughts I have had, and shines a light on the negative behaviour we see on this planet. Ra also goes into some detail on the construction of, and reason for, the pyramids, which I’d love to run past an Egyptoloist and/or geologist. I won’t risk colouring your reading of the work by giving you my reaction, except to say – have a look.

[On finding that link, I see all the sessions are available for free. So I’ll read beyond book one, soonish]

Channelling “Jesus”

As often happens, when I find something new and exciting, I tell people who I hope will benefit from the information. (It’s why I’m writing this now.)

So I told a friend about Ra and The Law of One. She said she’d just finished reading The Christ Letters, which meant I just had to have a look at them.

I’m five letters into the series, but I won’t wait any longer to say read them. I find them authentic. They resonate deeply as truth. And for the first time, they give me a genuine insight into “Jesus” and his story.

The first three letters tell us his version of what happened before and after his enlightenment, and show how this experience is, indeed, available to everyone. Borrowing the narrative of The Law of One for a moment, this is the path we are all on – initially, as individuals and then, collectively, on our way to becoming one (again) with all that is.

Of course, the messages are the same or similar. Interwoven. Building a picture. And all three of these documents tell us that actual reality cannot be understood by the human mind. I will resist the temptation to write a huge blog post on the thoughts I have had relating to these documents and leave you, instead, to explore them for yourself.

Please do feel free to comment below. I am open to discussion. Don’t be a stranger – you really aren’t.

Love and light!