You are always at home (and in charge)

by 201monthsblog

I can’t remember when I fully realised that I live in my body.

Possibly, around the time I saw Eckhart talking about how it doesn’t matter where your body is – sitting in an airport departure lounge or standing in the queue at a supermarket – there you are. You can’t be anywhere else (or anywhen else, as he was talking about it always being Now).

It’s a wonderful realisation. All the pressure to be somewhere else falls away.*

Speeding along the road in a car makes absolutely no sense. You are already where you are going to be – in your body.

What happens to your body doesn’t matter, either. It could be hot, cold, comfortable, in pain, hungry, satisfied… It’s your home – and always has been. 

It’s so obvious, isn’t it? 

Like other aha moments, the simple truth has been staring us in the face the whole time.

It also makes sense of the experience that we never age, no matter how old our bodies get. My grandmother, in her mid 90s, told me she always felt about 14. She found it bizarre to see the face of an old woman looking back at her from the mirror in the bathroom. I remember standing in the queue for lunch at school, around the age of 12, when I thought, “I will never get any older than this.”

Awareness is timeless and ageless.

There’s more

One evening, as I was making tea, I was overwhelmed by a related understanding: that “I” am in charge of my body.

Again, blindingly obvious. But I mean really in charge. 

No one can make me do anything. You could point a gun at me (I’d rather you didn’t) and demand that I do something, and I can still say “No”. There will be consequences, but I will be able to live (or die) happy to remain true to “me”.

I started using the phrase “personal sovereignty” to describe this (a quick search reveals this to be A Thing). Freedom is another way of saying it.

I hope this helps.

*A big question arises from this: When you can go anywhere and/or do anything, where do you go and/or what do you do? I am living with this question at the moment.