Heaven on earth

by 201monthsblog

At 04h45 this morning, French time, countless people around the world were meditating as some kind of planetary alignment happened in the heavens. I heard it described as a portal allowing new light, carrying new information, to reach our planet.

I joined a group of 100 meditators, on a Zoom chat led by someone who runs a retreat centre about an hour from here.

We were invited to channel this new energy into the very heart of the planet, and visualise it filtering back up to affect all things on its surface. To help co-create heaven on earth. To replace what I’ve long felt (at the risk of sounding judgemental) has been something far from ideal.

I don’t want to dwell on the negatives in our past. We’ve all seen them – personally, locally, internationally. When I’ve suggested where improvements (in my view) could be made, I have been told, “It’s not an ideal world”. To which I have replied, “No – but it could be”.

To generalise, the world was in terrible shape, with abuse at every level. A culmination of millennia of unconscious, selfish thinking and doing. In the end, a tiny fraction of people appeared to benefit. Yet even the most successful of those, despite all their material wealth, were, at heart, empty and miserable.

They have done us all the favour of walking down that path, to find it is a road to nowhere. That is not why we are here. Quite the opposite.

As Eckhart Tolle echoed in a new video I watched yesterday, the world is not here to make us happy; the world is here to wake us up.

At the end of the 615-page introduction to “A course in miracles”, which I finished reading a few days ago, the point is made again. All paths lead to suffering, either sooner or later. Because the lesson is to learn that all paths on the outside are distractions. The real path – the path of paths – is within.

I still don’t know what this means. Perhaps it is not something to be known. As Krishnamurti suggests, knowledge – at least, from the mind’s point of view – is a form of death. When we think we know, we stop looking. And as many teachings say, we are here to look. Socrates said this. Newton, Einstein, Tesla did this. And Shakespeare, to me, was one of many who wrote about it. I digress.

Why am I writing today?

Because it is the first day in a new world. The old world has been shut down by something that cannot be seen. In a brilliant narrative twist, pollution has been checked, wars stopped, and the unconscious living and working habits of billions have been paused.

The non-ideal world is over. Just like that.

What blossoms to replace it is up to us. And this time, it can be ideal. More love. More peace. More equality. More of a connection with our true self – even if that is just a simple acknowledgement of the breath, which brings us into to the present moment.

[On re-reading this, I had a thought. Is this what is meant by “The end of time”? In reality, past and future do not exist – there is only ever now. I keep hearing the end of time is coming. If that’s what it means, it’s a huge positive – it means we all start living for the first – ahem – time! Incidentally, the Day of Judgement is being spoken about as the end of judgement. The giving up of ideas of right and wrong, the origin of which is written about in the Genesis story. In the now, there is no judgement – only “isness”, or being.]

My question to you is: What do you want our new world to include? Forget the past. Don’t think about the future. What do you want heaven on earth to be like now? You are co-creating this with me and all our brothers and sisters around the world. It really is up to us.

With love.

[PS I will abandon the XXX months titles now. That idea worked for a while, but I’m happy to let it go.]