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Should you be worried about Coronavirus?

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The Coronavirus: not a thing to worry about

If you are worried about the new Coronavirus currently working its way around the world, read on. It may a challenging post for you. But, by the end, I hope you will be more relaxed and reassured. You may also have some new books and videos to check out, that will lead you to a place of calm and confidence.

You will hopefully be able to sleep more soundly – and, maybe, have renewed optimism in life itself.

The short answer


The slightly longer answer

There is nothing to be gained from worrying about the coronavirus. Worrying achieves nothing. It just increases the stress you’re carrying in your body – which may actually reduce the ability of your body to deal with the virus if you get it.

Because it’s possible that most of us will get it. “Symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don’t feel unwell. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment.” (From this WHO webpage)

[Trigger warning] Some people will appear to “die”. And that’s OK, too.

A bit more flesh on that last bit

I’m going to get straight to the heart of this – and don’t spit your drink on your keyboard but – no one really dies.

This is not a religious belief. It’s an understanding arrived at through reading many books and watching many videos. (For more detail, read some of the books mentioned in this post, and watch any of the videos on the Anthony Chene channel. That’s for later. For the moment, stay with me.)

At first, I wrote “nobody” dies. But that is not true. Our bodies, and the egos that are attached to them, do die. But the consciousness that animates that body and observes that ego’s journey through life simply notices the body is no longer viable and, calmly, surrounded by a love greater than will ever be felt in this dimension, moves up and away. Returning home.

I say again: This is not a religious belief. When you have seen the same information I have, with an open mind, you will come to the same conclusions. I am not gifted with psychic abilities (although I have met many who are). I have never seen an angel or spirit (but have met many who have). And I do not follow any religion. This post on teachers will show you who I respond to – and even the giant among those (Jiddu Krishnamurti – no connection to Hari Krishna) said that (and I paraphrase) no religion has the whole truth, but there is truth in all of them.

If you find this hard to get your head around, for the moment, borrow my total confidence that the real “you” does not die. Call this Point 1. Accept this, and much of the worry about the coronavirus disappears. Especially when you consider Point 2.

You chose to see this

The English expression “you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family” is, which will come either as a shock or relief, not actually true. This is Point 2. Several of those books I mentioned describe how coming into the body – the one you’re currently in – is a choice. (There is a wonderful level of detail on this in Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls.)

At the risk of spoiling that book, I will give some of the game away. When we choose a life on this planet, we agree to all the circumstances. Family members, sex, colour, creed, challenges – everything – before we arrive. This even includes how we die. So you can be assured that the people who will die from the coronavirus knew they would die at this point, from an illness.

For supporting evidence, have a look at this video on the Anthony Chene channel. Let me explain.

Anthony Chene does interviews with people who have had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). Many of those people receive information, while they are dead, which they remember when they recover. Bill McDonald was (and this is unusual) shown clips of his life decades into the future. You can imagine, this had a profound effect. When he later went to the Vietnam war, he embraced very dangerous situations – rescuing people under fire, for example – with total confidence. He knew he was not going to die, because he had already seen (and remembered) that he would survive to have grey hair. As with all people who have NDEs, he had no fear of death anyway – because he knew it beyond doubt that it’s not real.

My take on this time period

It is my feeling that this is the most interesting and exciting period to be alive on this planet for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It may be the most interesting time to be here in the whole history of humanity.

So there is absolutely no point in spending that time worrying about what’s about to happen (I’m saying this for my benefit and yours). Either we “die” at this point, or we don’t. Either way, it’s OK. Actually, either way it’s absolutely, fantastically, incredibly amazing! Again, this is not a religious belief. I have arrived at this understanding through books and videos – and you can, too. If you’re so inclined.

So, why are we here?

My current response to this question of questions is: We are here to become conscious that we are consciousness.

This might not make sense unless you practice meditation or yoga. But to try and explain, as I currently understand it, the entire universe is conscious (and consciousness). Each of us, being a part of the universe, is a manifestation of that consciousness. Usually, that material manifestation (our body/ego) is not conscious of this. This explains why people often behave unconsciously, hurting others emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually. We are here to “wake up” and become conscious that we are consciousness. That we are all one – equally valuable, important and connected.

When we realise this, unconscious behaviour will cease and we will evolve to the next stage of our development.

Becoming conscious can happen in the face of a massive shock, like a terminal diagnosis or major personal crisis. This stops the thinking mind, which allows us the present moment to be revealed, unclouded by judgement, opinion, personal history and all the baggage we normally carry with us. I thought an economic collapse might provoke a form of mass awakening. But the coronavirus might be the trigger. (This could also trigger an economic collapse. At the moment, it’s impossible to say.) All we can do is watch, with interest.

This watching is what people like Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle and other contemporary spiritual teachers often talk about. They (who have travelled further down the spiritual path than most) talk about our essence – our essential being – as “loving awareness”. It is a useful description of who we all are, although the reality of who we are is beyond words. It can only be experienced.

That’s all very well but what should we do in the face of the coronavirus?

On the practical side:

  • I have read that increasing your intake of vitamin C is useful and I am doing this.
  • A friend told me about “Thieves” essential oil mix. You can read about the history of that here (there are other sites that explain how to make it yourself or buy it more cheaply).
  • We have all heard the guidance on washing hands.
  • Personally, I have bought an extra packet of toilet roll.
  • I generally have a few days of tins in the kitchen cupboard anyway but I’m not going to panic buy.

Feel free to add anything that might be useful, in the comments below.

And what if we get the coronavirus?

I have heard that not eating for a day or two allows the body to focus all of its energy on recovery, so that will be my first response. Here is an amazing video on the scientifically proven benefits of fasting, to help you understand this. If symptoms are severe, calling your doctor or hospital for advice on what to do would seem wise.

Stay calm, relaxed and see what happens. If the virus goes pandemic, we will be living with this from now on. Already, people are talking about dropping the greeting of shaking hands (which was originally to show neither person was holding a weapon). So there may be superficial changes like that. How much it alters our behaviour, our economy, our level of consciousness or our planet remains to be seen.

Sleep well. Relax. I highly recommend developing a meditation practice if you don’t have one already. This doesn’t need to be any more than noticing you are breathing and trying to put all your attention on a single in-breath and out-breath, without any thoughts interfering. Very simple but not easy.

That’s a game I’ll be playing for the rest of my life!