by 201monthsblog

Over the last few years, I’ve seen several YouTube videos that have had a strong impact on me. Here are some them.

Inner worlds, outer worlds

I don’t have the words to express how important this film is. Four 30-minute episodes that form a piece of work that should be seen by everyone. Available in many languages, so shareable with everyone you know.

The filmmaker went on to make Samadhi and Samadhi 2, and some guided meditations which are also available on their channel. (I have only heard the first of these meditations, which I used for a few weeks a couple of years ago.)

This series of videos could be all you will ever need to see again. It is brilliant.


A very long film that requires tissues. Here, our fellow humans talk about their experiences on this wonderful planet. Just faces talking to camera, against a black background. Simple, touching, sometimes brutal, and cries out to be seen.

The dhamma brothers

This link occasionally disappears from YouTube, so you might have to search for the title. It shows the power of vipassana meditation to liberate people in the most difficult situations. In this case, prisoners serving life sentences.

Eckhart talks about receiving messages from people in prison who have been liberated by his teaching. This film shows how that can be achieved through meditation.

Coming soon: An answer to the challenging question of how to go within without a map.