by 201monthsblog

There is so much to say, but this feels like a good place to start. By introducing you to the teachers who have helped me so much over the last three years.

You may have heard the saying, “You are your own teacher”—and this is true. But much of what these people bring into the world is enormously helpful. You will find your own favourite teachers, no doubt. You may already have some. People who inspire and delight. These have been mine.

Eckhart Tolle—I have devoured his books (Power of Now and A New Earth, still working on Stillness Speaks) and he has been instrumental during my transformation. Some of his longer YouTube videos seem to have been taken down, which is a shame. They are life changing.

Sadhguru—I found Sadhguru around three years ago, shortly after finishing Autobiography of a Yogi. He’s very funny, and clearly enlightened. Humour is something that goes hand in hand with spiritual discovery (fortunately).

Gangaji—A woman at last! I fell in love with Gangaji and have greatly benefitted from her freely available videos on YouTube. Her teaching is “Stop”. Which is a great place to start.

Then there’s Mooji, who also has excellent videos. And I have watched a couple featuring Papaji, who was the guru of Gangaji. You will see, by now, that all the teaching is the same. In my words, the teachings direct you to bring your attention from its normal preoccupation with the mind (which is always concerned with the past and the future) into the present—which is the only place you ever are.

After a while, you may get to the point where you know enough. But the peace these videos provoke is very appealing. For a long time, I have preferred to watch a long video from one of these teachers than an exciting blockbuster movie.

Rupert Spira and Alan Watts deserve a mention here. And I follow the Facebook page of Adyashanti.

One of my most recent discoveries (this learning is ongoing and lifelong) is the magnificent J. Krishnamurti. This sublime, highly evolved human is a giant of a teacher and I love pretty much everything I have heard and read from him so far. Kahlil Gibran apparently met him and spoke of the power of his presence. I talked to one of the people who works in Watkins Books, in London, who said much the same thing about Eckhart Tolle when he came into the shop.

My most recent teacher, along with Krishnamurti, is Matt Kahn.


These are just names. I’ve resisted the temptation to link to specific videos, because—going full circle—you are your best teacher. Trust yourself and lead yourself to whichever teacher, video or book that feels right. (Bonus: You can’t go wrong.) You will find what you need when you need it. It just works like that.

That’s it on teachers for the moment. If you have any teachers you think should be added, please feel free to use the comments section.

Coming soon: books and movies.

UPDATE (February 2021)

Here’s another great teacher who has crossed my radar recently: Shakti Caterina Maggi. Another woman! And another enlightened person.

This is the first video I watched with her, thanks to the YouTube algorithm. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… (Made all the more astonishing because neither she nor the interviewer are speaking their native language.)