198 months

by 201monthsblog

Month Yogananda

(I thought it might be interesting to give the months names. I’ll explain this name in a moment.)

I know I’m a day late. But I’ve been aware for a few days that the 18th marked the end of another month – and the start of a new one – for me.

And last month was a great month, for a few reasons. In no particular order: I continued my not-drinking-alcohol for most of the month. A good friend of mine suggested that avoiding alcohol completely is not mastery over the alcohol, and I should consider drinking it occasionally. (He doesn’t actually drink, so it’s not an excuse to get wrecked.) He brought a bottle round one night and I had a glass. I didn’t like it. I had a second glass and still didn’t like it. Instead, I made us both some jasmine tea. The bottle is now sitting on the side in the kitchen, untouched since.

I have smoked weed a couple of times, and it’s been interesting to see the effects. The evening of smoking is very enjoyable. But the following morning, the head feels a bit woolly and can even ache. It takes some time for this feeling to go, which isn’t great news because…

I have finally started my yoga practice.

My new journey begins

A few weeks ago, another friend gave me a couple of books. Spiritual books. (I’ve always been interested in spirituality.) One of these is called “Autobiography of a yogi” by Parmahansa Yogananda. I’d never heard of him before and didn’t start reading the book straight away. The first few chapters were a little hard going, but it has turned into a mind-expanding, life-changing and life-affirming read. I’m not saying you should read it. But for me, it’s wonderful and astonishing – and profoundly inspiring. If you are scientifically minded and up for reading it, you will find it very challenging. I won’t go into detail about the amazing events described in the book, but will mention one discovery that made an impact on me last month: Kriya Yoga.

This comes up several times in the book as a path to personal enlightenment. So I thought it would warrant further investigation. I watched some YouTube videos. Listened to some other amazing gurus. And picked up a couple of meditation techniques for complete beginners.

From my reading, it seems the path to enlightenment is open to everyone. To start moving down it, all you need to do is: 1) Practise yoga every day; 2) Meditate twice a day; 3) Eat vegetarian food. If those three things seem too much, you’re not ready. That’s no problem.

I started my daily meditation practice a few weeks ago. A few days ago, I found this 20-minute video to add yoga to my morning routine:


I’ve also been eating more vegetarian food than ever before, but still have some beef left in the freezer.

One other thing

In month 199, a job landed in my lap. A friend recommended me to someone. They agreed to try me. I did the work. We are all happy. They are the kind of client I have been looking for, for many years. The kind of work I do means that this work was only for a week. But I am hopeful that other work will come out of it that will be just as enjoyable.

My mood for the month has remained very high. And, now that I’ve discovered contentment is perfectly fine – and happiness is a fool’s errand – I don’t expect to be miserable any time soon.

Here’s hoping for another great month – and hope you have a great month, too.