Is this the ultimate question?

by 201monthsblog

A few weeks ago, for reasons I’ll go into later, I started meditating again.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done it. Or if your head works in the same way as mine. But when I close my eyes, my mind is flooded by a dozen different thoughts.

From what I know of meditation (which is little – less than 24 months of practice and that was about 203 months ago), you are supposed to let these thoughts go freely through your head – not get attached to them or distracted by them as they pass – until they leave.

Which led me to the question (and a logical one, if these thoughts are going somewhere): Where do thoughts come from?

Here it is again, in case you were reading quickly: Where do thoughts come from?

For a few days – maybe a couple of weeks – I thought it might be the ultimate question. If we could answer it, we could answer the Big Bang, why space and atoms are empty, etc.

I have run it past a few people, and a couple of them have said it’s a false question. Whereas I have the feeling that my thoughts start somewhere behind my head, they don’t agree.

But what do you think?

And – if you think anything – where did that idea come from?